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  3. Backup !

    Pantantrollo. I have a question, where is the extension .dat ??? I just see molebox !!! Is this ???? without .dat? Do I just copy "notes" including "molebox" , am I right?
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  5. Android version question

    Thanks! That has taken care of it thus far! Not sure why I didn't think of that for the phone....I do it for the laptop....One of those forgetful things... lol
  6. Android version question

    And also deleted from the manager of the phone? It's like clean uninstalling the desktop browser, you know? On picture 1 you see the app info, sometimes it is enough to empty the memory. Hauptspeicher = main memory
  7. Last week
  8. My version is, almost all the websites show this, like google, gmail, youtube, baidu, github, also maxthon forum. I think it is kind of losting cookies. Also in google it shows it is under a old version of Chrome, and ask for update.
  9. Maxthon unexpected shutdowns. The latest browser crash was 24 March 2019 @ 20:12 UTC, again whilst browsing "The Register" digests. The error report is attached. MX5_Crash_info_24Mar2019.txt
  10. Android version question

    Thanks. I did install it. Still getting the Network Request Failed prompt. (I did reboot the phone, too)
  11. Android version question

    Just by the way : On you will find the current Android, as you can always find all current ones here. Now it is: mx5.2.3.3242.apk
  12. Hi every one on the forums!!

    Hello Annette! We love you and welcome to this forum!!!
  13. Resolved the problem by deleting the Cache folder in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\Maxthon3Cache\Temp\Webkit Make sure to close maxthon before deleting the cache folder. :-)
  14. hello Perplexer , i've made a check with my configuration : first i do not use the Favorite bar, but an extension : As i place myself in the same config described , so do not open a new tab from .. : From the Favorite Bar as for my Extension , the link is opened on the current Tab but the focus stays in the Favorite Bar or Extension bar, the only case where it works is when the link is called from Maxnote itself ( because it opens a new tab ). As i use "open a new tab from .." , the focus follows the opening of the new tab. Following my experience in software dev, you could not consider that this way of working is buggy, as you open in front a window and acts in it, you fix the focus inside, you will certainly not accept that a windows that was in background before catch the focus, despite you change its content from an action from the first window. Will say, thankfully !!!! the fact of opening a new window is different, because in this case it's a different and deliberate function that you use, you open a new tab and pass the focus to it. Is it more clear to you ?
  15. Hi every one on the forums!!

    This is just my 1st post on the forums and i just want to say Hi for every one on the forum. I hope we can help each others.
  16. Maxthon unexpected shutdowns. The latest browser crash was 23 March 2019 @ 15:14 UTC whilst browsing "The Register" digests. The error report is attached. MX5_Crash_info_23Mar2019.txt
  17. Regardless of whether it is a Favorite, which I do have it on my Favorites Bar, or not, I can still type in that search area.
  18. Since you apparently missed the mention of "Open a new tab from Favorites" needing to be disabled from my original post, there is a good chance you missed something else as well. Read my original post again very carefully and follow the steps in it very carefully, and you should be able to reproduce the bug. Do not just click on the link from this forum. You have to click on it from your favorites/bookmarks. So bookmark it first and then open the site from there.
  19. Have someone found a solution to this problem? Problem started after installing i tried reinstalling an earlier version, Go back to and got the same issues.. really annoying having to do 2 step verification on amazon and on gmail. Please FIX
  20. I've been receiving this prompt: Network request failed when using Maxthon on my Android. It started a few weeks ago occasionally. Now it happens every time. I'm assuming that's why my notes aren't updating between my laptop and phone, too. Android: version It's on a Pixel 2XL Laptop has version It also did it on and 2000. I haven't tried the latest beta yet. Thanks
  21. hi all, like the title there is installation issue for me with the latest version, any tips???

    Spent like 15 minutes to figure out how to resolve issue with Adsense, and here is what I ended up with (using the fresh installation and slowly copypasting stuff from my old installation + ticking settings on/off): Enable DirectWrite. Enable page pre-rendering. Disable all of the extensions (Maxthon Tools & Addons). Restart and Adsense will start loading again. Now you can disable/enable everything to were it was before and it will still work. This didn't resolve Dropbox link issue alongside, so I'll try to figure out what's causing problems with Dropbox sometime in the future. No. Update: Few days later...I've tried to figure out why Dropbox link creation doesn't work on my end, but failed. Tried with a clean installation and turning various settings on/off, basically it doesn't work with the current version of Maxthon.
  23. hello this is private?

    1. elnoos


      dont know how to send a private message

      please give your email


      [email protected]

    2. BugSir006


      Hello elnoos,

      My email address is [email protected]

  24. This error has reappeared in I also agree with the above about the version numbering. I've been using Maxthon for about 15 years now and have never previously noticed the numbers going up and down like this.
  25. Maxthon unexpected shutdowns. The computer is on 24/7 x 365 and the latest browser crash was overnight 21/22 March 2019 but with error report which is attached. MX5_Crash_info_22Mar2019.txt
  26. the maxnotes doesn`t sincronize

    Hi elnoos, Could you send your browser account and password to me via private message?
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