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  1. Any roadmap to go to 5.3.9.xx (o with more modern blink core? We have been with the beta since February, with core 69.xx, and without being stable, it is already too old and surely full of security holes. Of the stable version, almost better not to mention how old the core is
  2. Does Maxthon support HLS video streaming?

    I also confirm this error User/agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 10.0; U; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/ Chrome/76.0.3809.87 Safari/537.36 OPR/62.0.3331.99 QupZilla/2.2.6
  3. Does Maxthon support HLS video streaming?

    That is another of the great tasks pending of this browser .....
  4. flash player problem in V

    No problem here with portable version
  5. How to print in landscape mode

  6. If the recommendation is to install a beta branch 5.3.8.xx, with the added incentive that it should not (commented in these forums) mix with the stable installation of the branch 5.2.7.xx, I think we're going to fix Better would be, in the absence of stable solution, openly recommend another browser, and we stop wasting time all of us That in the end, I think that is what we are all doing (or almost), leave things "serious" for "serious" browsers, and continue browsing through a few webs with maxthon, what's a pity
  7. same here with Maxthon portable and with the user string that you comment It happens not when you enter netflix, nor when you surf within netflix, but when you play some content Error de Netflix M7121-3078 Si recibes el código de error M7121-3078 en tu ordenador, a menudo acompa?ado por uno de los siguientes mensajes:
  8. And marking that box, what will we see in the address bar in a distinctive way? Because I in https connections, I still see the RED lock that puts maxthon when it is disabled ""
  9. Vivaldi for admitting chrome extensions, precisely has better options for Ads Honestly, I do not know if you have to have it activated or not, it's more, I do not even know what it does
  10. MX5 PC Beta 7zip extract

    After 3 attempts of 0Kb (empty), the 4th has hooked well (There is something that does not work well)
  11. Neither nor ls Recognize at least that it is a bit "sloppy" to have information distributed between that page and the forum
  12. V5.2.7.4000 is not published in this forum
  13. Hello, is anyone working here?

    Let's see, without creating any controversy, but being realistic. We have 2 branches, one stable, which hardly works well on many websites, either because of the very old blink core that it has (I think it is 61) and that despite everything, and although they have been asking for the addition of features from a few years ago, it is not done. The other branch, the most modern of maxthon, but already old with respect to the other navigator based on blink, (I think that nucleus 69), does not finish curdle, nor work as it should. Still, it also lacks features that can be taken here, and it seems that without any published work route, I do not think they will be implemented. For the rest, you should realize that there are fewer people in these forums (they may already be in other places contributing ideas where they can be heard) As I say, without acrimony
  14. When it arrives, it will already have a very delayed blink core (more insecure and without the security corrections that are added)
  15. It is supposed to be fixed also in the 5.3.x series, let's hope ...