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  1. Regardless of whether it is a Favorite, which I do have it on my Favorites Bar, or not, I can still type in that search area.
  2. Ok, I unchecked that setting "Open a new tab from Favorites" and clicking on your link above, I can still type directly in that search field. Let me re-start the browser and see if that makes any difference. EDIT: Ok, I re-started the browser and it still works for me. Maybe another setting that's causing the problem?
  3. Try with an installed version and see if it works. Trata con una versión instalada a ver si trabaja.
  4. It does work for me with the cleanly installed version of
  5. beta no sound in youtube

    No problem here with sound on YouTube. Just watched the comparison between the Queen movie and the actual presentation by Queen in 1985.

    IS Annoying because it is not fixed. I thought it was, but apparently was mistaken.

    It certainly is.

    Twitch worked fine for me in
  9. Changelog for Maxthon v5.2.7.2000

    Works fine in Vivaldi, but no matter how I do it I get the same message in ?????
  10. Changelog for Maxthon v5.2.7.2000

    Well, it can't be reached with either.
  11. I can't even open the page to connect to Passkeeper.
  12. Well, he's from Australia, so.......
  13. Please consider useful innovations.

    And I suggest you talk to your family and tell them to not leave 100 to 200 pages open. It's your computer, you set the rules.
  14. Make sure you don't have "Clear Cookies" set in the Menu/Clear Data/Clear Browsing data.
  15. Maxthon Netflix Issue

    Ok, when I clicked on this movie this is what came up