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  1. Hi every one on the forums!!

    Hello Annette! We love you and welcome to this forum!!!

    BugSir006, what's about addressbar problem? How about quick fix? Something like build?
  3. beta no sound in youtube

    No problem with sounds on Youtube for me

    Addressbar loosing entered text - The most annoying thing - is NOT fixed!
  5. Can't find in news. Is this version gone?
  6. new beta problems

    OK, some additional information here! The problem doesn't bond to freshly opened tab. You can open tab, wait for 30 seconds, start typing and voila - some letters lost. Looks like something started when user start typing. I think - browser start collecting suggestions.
  7. new beta problems

    Google interaction is strange =) search request doesn't visually fit into input field
  8. new beta problems

    +1 Some first letters is lost due to slow initialization of new tab
  9. Do you have IPv6 enabled? If not - try to enable You don't need to use this protocol and not even having them setup. Just enable checkbox for this protocol in network card properties. There are was a problem in Windows 10 with Internet communication with IPv6 enabled due to new TCP/IP stack realisation. Especially with Metro APP like MS Store. And I'm not sure this problem is completely solved.
  10. Turn off the translation function

    This is a more serious problem. Translation extension is TURNED OFF in my browser but still works? How is this possible? So turning extension off doesn't mean it's stop working? This is a possibly HUGE SECURITY FLAW
  11. Turn off the translation function

    +1 How to turn off this completely unneeded feature?
  12. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Wake Up, Neo Leo! Text you typed is unreadable
  13. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    So many messages instead of just one: "Please add option "Do not close browser if active tab(s) present" ". BTW this option can replace current option for multiple tabs.
  14. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    What's the problem to press Alt-Z or use a toolbar button to reopen closed tab?