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  1. Backup !

    Pantantrollo. I have a question, where is the extension .dat ??? I just see molebox !!! Is this ???? without .dat? Do I just copy "notes" including "molebox" , am I right?
  2. Backup !

    Hi, maxthon team I have a question. When I make a backup (bookmarks, notes), am I backing up the notes as well ? How can I backup my notes ? Note. I can only backup my bookmarks.
  3. Hi Maxthon team. There is an error in the latest official version. When I trying to "site update and check" the browser closes.
  4. Hi maxthon team, I am trying to login , on passkeeper , when I enter my code , display me a message " a network error occurred " I did this process for 4 times. Anyone has the same issue ?
  5. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Hi maxthon team, Please I already have explained my request , dont forget IT ! Some member ask me , why is so important this feature? here the answer; Its because I am a video editor. ( I open many pages on the desktop) THANK YOU GUYS !
  6. I got 2 days with this issue. Anyone has the same problem? Here the picture! Thank in advance !
  7. BugSir006 , hi , Dont forget my resquest.

    Its about tabs. "ask me "igf you want to close" just one tab.

    please, dont forget !

    1. BugSir006



  8. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Hallelujah , You got it !! QIK5L - PLEASE BROT ADD THAT OPTION ! Its because, I am a video editor, and sometimes accidentally close the browser !
  9. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Galileuz !! I did a video, dont understand me ! Look the video !
  10. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Imagine that you are working on the Internet, and that you only have ONE "open tab", but unintentionally, I press the "X", then my browser passport; closes completely. Get it ?
  11. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    I repeat , I just want to ask me, if I want to close this last tab ! BETTER EXPLAIN ????
  12. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    I think I did not explain myself well. Every time I close only a tab or the last tab. I want you to ask me; if I want to do it. Do you understand?
  13. Hi Maxthon team, I have wrote before about this feature. Please put the option " DO YOU WANT TO CLOSE THIS TAB (ONLY ONE ) " unintentionally I close the tab.
  14. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    What is the Roboform for? To save passwords? and what happened with Passkeeper?
  15. Why aske me to update the browser chrome??

    I am using the last version of maxthon?